We create the unique mix of services you need
to help create impact and lasting change

The Generative Group narrows the gap between your aspirations and the results of philanthropy, with expertise that spans foundations, donors, grantees and for purpose organizations.

Strategic Planning & Process Execution <BACK TO TOP>


The Generative Group helps you design, build and strengthen your organization, programs and initiatives. We work with you to conceptualize goals, define roadmaps and identify the partnerships, peer groups, governance and operating models needed to make an impact. Our work includes:

  • Private foundations and donor vehicles
  • Philanthropic strategies, programs and initiatives
  • Next Gen engagement programs
  • Capacity building programs for grantees/nonprofits
  • Governance models, board assessment and education programs
  • Sustainable business models for grantees/nonprofits
Organizational Effectiveness Consulting<BACK TO TOP>


The Generative Group assesses current programs and services in the context of rapid change, and works with you to improve them in ways that achieve results and honor your values. We assist you in reimaging existing business models and operational orthodoxies, and help you develop processes to keep pace with changes in your foundation, nonprofit or environment including:

  • Grantmaking policies, practices and processes
  • Governance policies and practices
  • Sustainability/Full-Cost business consulting for nonprofit organizations
  • Operating and staffing models
Facilitation, Workshops, Learning<BACK TO TOP>


We work with you to build your team’s field of focus, increase collaboration and knowledge sharing. And to strengthen cross-sector networks to help accelerate social change. Our support for your team includes:

  • Board and/or staff retreats
  • Peer-learning groups, communities of practice, and field-building initiatives
  • Customized workshops and training programs for grantees/nonprofits
Leadership, Succession & Transitions<BACK TO TOP>


Manage through transitions, determine future hire and/or board leadership needs and requirements, and ensure work continues unimpeded.

  • Interim CEO services
  • Next Gen succession and leadership action plans
Executive & Governance Coaching<BACK TO TOP>


We serve as a thought partner, sounding board and confidant to shape leadership’s organizational priorities, and create actionable plans.

Our coaching process uses generative leadership principles to create breakthrough ideas, and to help you reinvent philanthropic and business models to stay ahead of a changing environment.