The Generative Group

The Generative Group supports the work of donors, foundations and families to generate possibilities, solutions and excellence, and to transform charitable giving into meaningful social change.




We help you create a more vibrant world where all people thrive.

Improving lives and changing the world are both journey and destination.  This is true for both donors and nonprofits. The path is illuminated by answers to questions rooted in your values and aspirations, such as:

“How do I give my money away thoughtfully?”

“How can we create lasting, meaningful change?”

“What’s the best way to effect positive change?”

“How do we navigate through complex issues and entrenched systems?”

“How do we build a sustainable nonprofit business model?”

“How do we align our fundraising strategy with our ability to deliver our mission?


“Where do we start?”




The answers are within. We help you surface and discover them.

The Generative Group embraces listening, connectedness, collaboration and adaptability to generate possibilities and solutions for philanthropy.  And we work with you to design and build the right framework to ensure your giving has the impact you envision.



We help you envision, define and achieve your philanthropy.

Foundations and donors entrust us to help them imagine and generate the possible, and to align values and passions with causes. We help them transform their vision into operational programs, governance structures and initiatives that achieve measurable goals and result in demonstrable social change.




We design and build meaningful philanthropy.

The Generative Group helps you transform the possible into the meaningful. Our work is built on clearly defined objectives and outcomes, informed by your authenticity and generosity. It’s matched to a disciplined consideration of what it will take to achieve success and how best to carry out the work.




Philanthropic expertise. Business acumen. Heart.

We offer you real-world experience and deep expertise in both philanthropy and business. We’re guided by an unwavering belief in the positive power of change. The result is innovation, agility and high performance – the hallmarks of modern philanthropy.




Helping generative leaders create effective social change.

Our approach is grounded in the principles and values of Generative Leadership. We believe in the ability to evoke creativity in people, challenge orthodoxies and the status quo, and provide conditions in which good things come into being.